mardi 10 juillet 2012

A Zebra in the City

Last winter, I made this skirt in a kind of furry fabric.
It feels soft and funny like a fur toy.
At the time I was far from imagining that zebras would be back on the front scene this summer !

Je me suis fait cette jupe cet hiver. Le tissu est comme de la fourrure.
On dirait que je porte une peluche.
A l'époque, j'étais loin d'imaginer que les zébrures seraient à nouveau
 au devant de la scène cet été !

THANK YOU for all your nice comments for yesterday's post !!!

New Look parka jacket
Zara tee-shirt
Home-made fur skirt
Zara heels
Guess watch


7 commentaires:

  1. Love the skirt and heels! So cool you made it yourself!


  2. Lov the khaki + zebra :) Very nice combo!

    x Charlotte from

  3. Cute look! Loving your jacket! I need to get my hands on one of those!


  4. You're so awesome at making clothes! Very inspirational! That skirt is just great and love how you paired it with the parka! It makes for such a cool look sweetie!


  5. Love the military and animal print pairing! Great neutrals with a little bit of wild! ;)

  6. I always love parka jackets. I am looking for the perfect one.


  7. It's a great skirt, can't believe you made it! The fur adds a bit of texture that's pretty cool, too.
    - Aliya :)