vendredi 6 juillet 2012

Wide Pants

Yesterday was ideal to give a spin to my see-through wide pants.
They give a summer feeling without revealing too much. And as you can see I had to "sail" between a shower, a short sunshine spell and a downpour...
For the last school day of my children I also attracted curiosity looks : would transparency be a question of age ? better accepted in southern latitudes ? or is it just that people are narrow-minded wherever you live ?
Anyway I never felt so comfortable in my age and in the way I dress now.
And your encouraging comments also boost me forward. Thanks !

Hier était le jour idéal pour sortir mon pantalon large.
Il a un petit côté estival sans être trop transparent. Et comme vous pouvez le voir, j'ai dû naviguer entre une averse, un rayon de soleil et un déluge...
Pour le dernier jour d'école des enfants, j'ai aussi attiré des regards curieux : est-ce que la transparence serait réservée à un certain âge ? mieux acceptée sous des latitudes sudistes ?
ou est-ce juste que les gens sont coincés, où que vous habitiez ?
Quoi qu'il en soit, je ne me suis jamais sentie aussi bien dans mon âge, et dans la façon dont je m'habille. Et vos commentaires m'encouragent à aller de l'avant. Merci !

Zara leather jacket
Promod white shirt
Zara see-through wide pants
Zara heels
Gérard Darel Santa Fé calf leather bag

5 commentaires:

  1. me too, i´ve never felt better before. sure, my skin was flawless when i was younger but i didn´t know what looks good on me and i was experimenting all the time.
    and no, i don´t care what people think and i always wear what i want to wear. all my girlfirends do and some of them are over 40. sometimes it´s funny to see the other mother´s at kindergarten starring at me because i´m wearing heels on a bike, pfff ;)
    happy weekend lovie, another week and i´ll be in france can´t wait (first stop, the french pharmacie, i need all my creams and lotions ;))

    1. Thanks Doro ! So am I ...(over 40...).
      Where are you going ? Hope you have good weather and enjoy your stay in France !
      xx Françoise.

    2. we´re going to seignosse and i hope for better weather...i think it´s not that good at the moment...bad weather means a lot of shopping in san sebastian haha two words: zara sale (insert mission impossible soundtrack here ;))

  2. Oh, I love these trousers! I saw them at Zara but didn't bring it home

  3. those pants are amazing!! don't worry people are just as narrow minded everywhere, i get some of the strangest looks in some of my outfits which are usually my favorites.. if you can pull it off though and be proud then it shows and you shouldn't care at all!