vendredi 27 juillet 2012

10th Wedding Anniversary

One day i'll have to ask someone to stop the traffic while i'm taking my pics !

Sometimes life holds surprises that help you go forward and stronger than before...
We were supposed to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary last week-end, to the date.
But my husband was so ill that everything was cancelled.
I could have complained or weeped upon this grain of sand that came to stop the machinery...
Best restaurant in town : cancelled.
Romantic week-end just for the two of us : cancelled, etc.
But you know what, during this couple of days' ordeal when we had to run from one doctor to another, my husband said :
" Thank you for being here with me, I'm so proud of you, of our family ! "
His words were so cheering to me that they are the best Anniversary present I could get !

Altuzarra cotton sweater
Zara skirt
San Marina heels

PS : Can you hear the cicadas ? Can you see fields of lavender  ?
We're off for two weeks in Provence !
Bonnes vacances !!!

jeudi 26 juillet 2012

It's warm !!!

Still enjoying a very nice, warm and sunny day with 30° C ...
Oups ! A tiny creepy crawly is visiting my right shoe !

Zara flower skull tee
Topshop shorts
Ebay sneakers
Home-made bracelets

mercredi 25 juillet 2012


All things come to her who waits !

I think I'm getting good at ferreting out treasures on second hand sites...

Big Smile !!!

This silk skirt is so light and easy to wear !!
With my ballerina flats I almost feel like dancing and singing like Maria in West Side Story ...

Sorry if I don't have the camera for perfect pictures.
If I don't get the help of a professional photographer.
You may have noticed I post almost daily. Sometimes not extra good pictures.
 I'm not wearing my clothes just for the shooting. I'm wearing them also to make them alive.
Also for the pleasure of sharing with you ! 
Isabel Marant's clothes for all bodys, for all ages.
Hope you like this one !

Camaïeu top
Isabel Marant Jia navajo skirt
Camaïeu ballerina flats
Guess watch
Home-made bracelets

mardi 24 juillet 2012

Turn Over


As I said yesterday, what's the point of piling up clothes to wear them only occasionally.
Here is a new mix with my favourites of the moment.
Have another nice sunny day !

Isabel Marant Ritchi knit
Pimkie white mesh top
Pimkie mini skirt
Camaïeu boots
Home-made bracelets

lundi 23 juillet 2012

Blue Sky and Tropéziennes

Come on!
Don't tell me you wore a jumper yesterday as seen on one or two blogs...
The temperature was so nice, no wind, that we enjoyed all day outside.
And as i'm not on leopard flats (can't follow all trends and one particular blogger who had such a nasty pedicure put me off from these shoes... sorry can't help speaking up my thoughts) so I took out my comfortable Tropéziennes sandals.
I'm glad I got them last year, they seem to take 5€ every new summer season !
I also gave a summer chance to my scarf print shirt. After all, what's the point of showing off new clothes every post if it's to wear them only once.
That's my new philosophy from now on (until next crush...who knows !)
Hope you'll all be having a nice day too !
The sun is back here this morning !

Zara grey scarf print shirt
Pimkie tank tee and shorts
Home-made charms bracelets

dimanche 22 juillet 2012

A Few Days Ago

Hello winter zebra hairy belt !
It's a long time since I last took you out of the belt drawer.
After the zebra skirt mixed with a kaki parka, here is the belt meeting denim and dip dyed shorts.
Here are some pics we had taken a few days ago. Finally found a time slot to squeeze them in !

Have a nice Sunday !        Bon Dimanche !

Camaïeu short sleeved shirt
Pimkie shorts + home-made bleaching
Mango zebra belt (last winter)
Zara heels
Home-made bracelets

vendredi 20 juillet 2012

When my Kittens are away...

... the Mouse will play !

Another day for me to enjoy window shopping at my own rhythm
with no lovely groany moany kids complaining that :
"It's too long ! when do we go ?"...
I'm sure you've already heard this or you remember saying that
when you were young ! 
But at the same time I can't wait to see them again tomorrow.
I guess that's what all Mothers feel !

Altuzarra cotton sweater
Zara zipped pants
Joan look-alike heels

jeudi 19 juillet 2012

Black Summer

T by Alexander Wang zipper dress
Alexander Wang Rocco bag
Topshop Aerobic wedge sneakers
Home-made black skull earring

mercredi 18 juillet 2012


My beloved summer photographer (aka Capucine, my daughter !) has taken a few days off at the countryside with her brother and wee sister. They're at my brother's who has a farm. It's more a farm with big tractors and greenhouses. But they can also enjoy watching the neighbour's horses. And there is another farmer with cows nearby in the village.
Fresh air and new surroundings will be guaranteed !

So that's me back on my own trying to take a few acceptable pictures... And as Aeolus, the God of Wind has decided to drive us nuts today, I just tried a new place in the house. Ready for a visit ?

By the way, if you have any tips to take good pictures on one's own, I'm open to any suggestion. The focus is always done at the back of field and when I jump in the way, I'm out of focus ! I popped in at the photographer's shop this afternoon and his answer was to buy a camera with a remote control. Pricy but efficient according to him !


Zara knit (sorry, sold out online) similar to the Zadig & Voltaire top worn by Erin Wasson
Vila leather shorts via ASOS (last year)
San Marina heels
Home-made bracelets

PS 1 : I don't think I squint... it's probably an effect from the close-up !

PS 2 : I really feel relieved for yesterday's post and the warm and positive feedbacks
I got from you all Girls ! Thanks a lot !!!


mardi 17 juillet 2012


 Either I'm presenting my new shoes without saying anything. And I can open my arms to welcome the applauses, congrats and compliments for this new outfit. But in the mean time I'm secretly betraying you. And for those who'd unveil the copycat, I would lose their confidence for future posts.

Or I tell you right away that I was craving for these shoes. Living far from the capital, you sometimes have to do with copies or leftovers... An expert eye will probably notice the very tiny differences with the real Joan by Alexander Wang. I also know that some of you only swear by authentic pieces and would never ever (...) go for fakes and will be tempted to turn their heads away from my blog.

Now : Do you sometimes put make up on? Mascara ? Eyeliner ? BB Cream ?
Don't you ever put nailpolish on ? Neon for fun or red to match your outfit ?
Don't you ever wear heels to help you gain a few inches ?

Come on, we all cheat a little...from time to time.
But today I tried to be honest with you.

Zara asymmetrical knit (also worn here)
Joan look-alike heels
Home-made bracelets

lundi 16 juillet 2012

Transformed Again

Do you remember these overalls I transformed in May ?
Well again I was not too happy with the tightness around my legs.
Sooo, I did another two cuts to open the legs. Horizontal levelling.
Here is my new Dungaree skirt !
(probably inventing, correct me if there is another appropriate name !)

Vous souvenez-vous de cette salopette que j'avais raccourcie en Mai ?
Je n'étais cependant pas totallement satisfaite du résultat. Trop serrant au niveau des cuisses.
Deux coups de ciseaux et une égalisation horizontale plus tard:
Voici ma nouvelle jupe-salopette !

Transformed pregnancy overalls
Number tee
Vintage bag
San Marina heels

samedi 14 juillet 2012

Bleu Blanc Rouge

Today is Le 14 Juillet, the French National Day or Bastille Day.
I'm not going to get dressed in Blue, White and Red.
I'll leave this to the English who are better at wearing these similar flag colours
(i mean in a funny way... )

But today I decided to honour a French designer.
Cocorico !!

Isabel Marant Ritchi sweater
IM ruched front bandana skirt
IM Willow sneakers.
Camaïeu tank tee

This morning started with heavy rain here...
So we watched the Military Parade on the Champs Elysées in Paris on TV.
It's entertaining for all ages: horses caught the attention of my 3-year-old daughter.
My 6-year-old boy was interested in the Bikers of the Gendarmerie.
And my elder daughter had great concern for the parachutist who missed his landing in front of the President !

I'm leaving you here, we are getting ready to go to the Firework !
Bon 14 Juillet !