jeudi 31 mai 2012


Here is a quick view of my latest find ...
I'm over the moon !

At first sight there is no difference between, let's say, a denim shirt
and this one I'm wearing.
But everything is in the details...
A very soft material which makes it so comfortable that you would like to keep it all day long (would it be offending to sleep in it ?? ).
The triangular sides details and a longer back.
No doubt: it's not an ordinary shirt.

It's Isabel Marant's Quincy shirt !

Well this is not a Première...
Emmanuelle and Kayin for instance have already worn it.
But for me it's my Eldorado !!

Now I may still be an Ugly Little Duckling in this bloggers world.
But I'm very happy with my treasure and I'm adding a lovely piece
 to my IM collection


Zara leather jacket
Isabel Marant Quincy shirt
Zara zipper pants
Zara belt
ASOS leopard wedges


mercredi 30 mai 2012


Wandering through the huge blogger's family (...) can sometimes offer you interesting tips.
I recently found this Spanish site which delivers worldwide
and which has a great variety of Wanties...
Here is my choice with this leather top.
Its leather is very thin which makes it comfortable and it has a sexy chic twist, ideal for the nice sunny days we still enjoy.

Buylevard leather top
Zara shorts (last collection)
Zara heels
Necklace : birthday present

mardi 29 mai 2012

Dress me Like Caroline Blomst

I'm quite happy with my finds.
No need to drive for kilometers or wait during days
for an online order to arrive.
I found these items at my nearest Pimkie shop and there you go !
Dressed (almost) like Caroline Blomst in Isabel Marant and in a more purse-friendly way.

Pimkie black open-knit jumper
Camaïeu black tank top
Pimkie skirt
Camaïeu boots

Dress me Like

I wonder if I could find a similar skirt and an open-knit jumper
 in a highstreet shop ?

Caroline Blomst via Stockholm Streetstyle
wearing Isabel Marant Milla skirt and open knit jumper.

lundi 28 mai 2012

Dentelle Anglaise

Another wonderful day !! Enjoy, Enjoy !
Ideal time to wear white shorts and embroidered blouse.
And biker boots to give the whole outfit a little rock touch.

La Redoute white blouse
Zara shorts
Sacha biker boots (worn here)

dimanche 27 mai 2012


Couldn't hope for a better day for a BBQ with the family !!
28° C , a little breeze and a nap in the hamac...

What did you do on this lovely Sunday ?

Zara sequined top
Zara shorts
River Island shoes


samedi 26 mai 2012

Wild Animals

This morning I was again in a mood for change...
Poor skirt ! After looking too ladylike, too long, too la-di-da ...
I found it was too plain, too neutral !
In less than an hour I reshaped it sideways and paired it
with a zebra top and snake print heels.
Time to wear my ASOS sunnies and a touch of orange !

Hope you have a nice sunny week-end !
And don't forget your sun-cream ! I've seen so many people sunburnt today...

New Look parka
Pimkie zebra top
Home-made vintage skirt
Ash Oshi heels

vendredi 25 mai 2012

Au Jardin

Enfin mes lions sortent de la cage et prennent l'air !!

Ice Cream and Sun Cream

No need to comment : pictures are talking for themselves !!
Ice cream for Kids, Sun Cream for Me !
Hope you can also enjoy these nice temperatures...

Zara neon sweater
Camaïeu flower shorts
Mellow Yellow heels
Gérard Darel bag

jeudi 24 mai 2012

My Acne Scully Skirt

One skirt, two possibilities.
Which is your favourite ?

Camaïeu denim jacket
Zara tee-shirt
Home-made Acne Scully skirt
Zara heels
Isabel Marant Willows Bois de Rose Sneakers

mercredi 23 mai 2012

Neon and Bib Skull Necklace

A few weeks ago I received my skull beads order from Ebay.
And the first DIY I did was the black earrings you saw on Saturday.
But I was already on another creation, strongly inspired by
the Dannijo Drew necklace spotted on their site.
Styled with casual pants, Converse sneakers and a see-through top.
Voilà, bonne soirée !

Camaïeu blazer
Zara top
Zara pants
Converse sequined sneakers
Home-made skull necklace and earrings

mardi 22 mai 2012

It's freezin' today

Enough !!!
Brrr... these cold temperatures and grey sky are driving me nuts!
Brrrr.... I need light therapy!
Brrr.... I need flowers and colourful clothes to forget that this spring has been a total wreck so far !
I'm talking about the weather again... sounds like my mother-in-law
 (oups, sorry).

Cheating again with this vest over a flower blazer, as I did last week.

Layering inspired by Camille and Soraya.

ASOS flower blazer
Old faux-leather jacket transformed into a vest
Zara Tee-shirt with flocking (here)
Camaïeu distressed white pants
Local shop Suede boots
Home-made earring made with Swarovski butterfly

lundi 21 mai 2012


Here is the Top 5 of my favourite items at the moment.
This new combo is very comfortable, somewhat Marantish with this version
of the number tee-shirt in red.

What do you think ?

Naf-Naf leather jacket
Number tee : Created via Spreadshirt
Zara pants with white stripe
Zara heels
Alexander Wang Rocco bag