lundi 16 juillet 2012

Transformed Again

Do you remember these overalls I transformed in May ?
Well again I was not too happy with the tightness around my legs.
Sooo, I did another two cuts to open the legs. Horizontal levelling.
Here is my new Dungaree skirt !
(probably inventing, correct me if there is another appropriate name !)

Vous souvenez-vous de cette salopette que j'avais raccourcie en Mai ?
Je n'étais cependant pas totallement satisfaite du résultat. Trop serrant au niveau des cuisses.
Deux coups de ciseaux et une égalisation horizontale plus tard:
Voici ma nouvelle jupe-salopette !

Transformed pregnancy overalls
Number tee
Vintage bag
San Marina heels

2 commentaires:

  1. it turned out perfectly, good job!:-) really want to get me some dungarees too but i'm afraid summer will be over for us here before we know it! love how you paired it too by the way, another great outfit.. again!