mardi 17 juillet 2012


 Either I'm presenting my new shoes without saying anything. And I can open my arms to welcome the applauses, congrats and compliments for this new outfit. But in the mean time I'm secretly betraying you. And for those who'd unveil the copycat, I would lose their confidence for future posts.

Or I tell you right away that I was craving for these shoes. Living far from the capital, you sometimes have to do with copies or leftovers... An expert eye will probably notice the very tiny differences with the real Joan by Alexander Wang. I also know that some of you only swear by authentic pieces and would never ever (...) go for fakes and will be tempted to turn their heads away from my blog.

Now : Do you sometimes put make up on? Mascara ? Eyeliner ? BB Cream ?
Don't you ever put nailpolish on ? Neon for fun or red to match your outfit ?
Don't you ever wear heels to help you gain a few inches ?

Come on, we all cheat a little...from time to time.
But today I tried to be honest with you.

Zara asymmetrical knit (also worn here)
Joan look-alike heels
Home-made bracelets

7 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for being honest :). They really look identical to his heel. I love the texture of that skirt! - Aliya :)

  2. Its great to get the look. I couldn't tell! You look beautiful.

  3. Thank You, Daisy! I hope will become a member of the proverbs soon.

    god bless,

  4. francoise what?! these aren't real?? i really couldn't tell, even the way they arch your foot looks the same, what a find!! you have such a good eye, love the skirt too.. cant believe i walked away from this one!:-(

  5. Wow! You had me fooled! Also, love how you combined the top with that skirt! Very stylish! :)

  6. I wouldn't have known if you didn't say anything. I know what you mean. I love Isabel Marant Dickers but she doesn't do them in my tiny size. I had them custom made via a website for petite feet.

  7. Thank you Girls for all these lovely comments, it's very encouraging ! MERCI !!!