lundi 30 avril 2012

Long Week-End

Higher temperatures, rain stopped this morning !
It's a good day to go for a walk !

Suede Jacket : Camaïeu
Denim shirt : Camaïeu
Tee-shirt : Pimkie
Skirt : Camaïeu
Sneakers : Willow Isabel Marant

dimanche 29 avril 2012


Have a Nice Sunday !!

Sequins jumper : H&M
Shirt : H&M
Trousers : Naf-Naf
Bracelet : Home-made
Wedges : Mellow Yellow

samedi 28 avril 2012

Black and Grey

Today I mixed two basic colours, black and grey, with different materials: shiny polyester (sorry, not very romantic...),
cotton and leather.

Since my local H&M will probably not have the Fashion against AIDS items, I had a look in my treasure box and found extra colour skulls which I mixed with small pearls. And this bracelet already had its effect this morning. My daughter was eyeing upon it, but soon decided she was too young to wear skulls. Good for me !!

I also took a close-up shot because after a little more than a month blogging I'm ready to unveil. When you're still in your 20's or 30's, your skin begins to change. But it does not matter, you're still in a young age group (according to the media). But when you reach your 40's, then people definitely push you on the other side of the gate. The girl at the Beauty Shop will give you anti-wrinkle cream samples... As for me, I've never felt better in my mind. As I told you in my first post, if I don't dare now, I'll never make anything !

Grey blazer : Zara
Tee-shirt : Marc Jacobs "Protect the skin you're in - Heidi Klum"
Leather short : ASOS
Heels : New Look
Bracelets : Home-made
Earrings : Home-made
Ring : H&M

vendredi 27 avril 2012

Hunting for the Military Parka

You probably recognize this military parka from Zara.
Well last summer/autumn I realised (much too late) that it would be
 a nice piece in my closet.
Especially for a birthday treat...
I checked as often as I could the website, hoping to see one day
that it would be back online. No chance !
So I decided to check personnaly all the Zaras available around my place (potentially 6 within 50 km).
But my hunt proved hopeless. And my cherished present
 became a dream.
Until I noticed that Zara also had at that time a "plain" parka. So that was me again on the road, hoping to find the aforesaid parka in store in my size. Bingo !
I was almost happy with my find until I remembered I had a faux leather jacket in my wardrobe... I was not too sentimental about it, and I decided to unpick its sleeves and sew them in place
of the kaki ones. Penelope at work again !
This time I was really happy. It kept me warm all winter.
And the parka really has a Zara label on !

Military Parka : Zara + DIY sleeves
Pink jumper : Zara
Flower pants : Zara
Purple heels : Pimkie

jeudi 26 avril 2012

Wild West

Now that I'm (almost) recovered from
this "flu-sorethroat-tiredness" episode - see earlier this week - , the weather is still not ready to improve.
Sun, rain, wind and this two or three times a day...
My kids are beginning to behave like lions in a cage!
 But as holidays are also a good way to do something they can't do while at school, my son has developed a special liking for Western films. And we're having many of them programmed in the afternoon on TV.
I know it's having them sitting in front of TV, but when the film is finished they transpose what they just saw into their Playmobil world and that's a very good thing. They can play again for hours !

All this to say that when my son saw me this morning, he said that I looked as if I was going to play in a Western film...
From a 6-year-old boy, I'll take this as a compliment !!!

Leather jacket : Zara
Checked shirt : Camaïeu
Tee-shirt : Camaïeu
Slim pants : Camaïeu
Belt : Pimkie
Boots : Camaïeu
Bag : Rocco Alexander Wang
Bracelets : Home-made, Asos and Ebay

mercredi 25 avril 2012

Scarf Print and Skulls

As often my nearest Zara shop did not have my size
for this scarf print shirt.
So I ordered it online and received it last week. After figuring out what I could mix it with, I thought it would look nicer with a bit of white.
If I had bought it earlier in the season, that would have meant
to pair it with black pants... Too sad to look at!
I prefer it this way.
It brings a little brightness to the sad sky we still have outside.

Hope you have a nice day!

Leather jacket : Naf-Naf
Scarf print shirt : Zara
White zipper pants : Zara
Suede boots : Local shop
Rings : Ebay
Earring : Home-made
Side-cross Necklace: Ebay
Bracelets : Ebay and home-made.

mardi 24 avril 2012

Need a Rest

It's not that I'm 100% recovered. But things are going a little better.
Time to do myself up, at least to keep up appearances.

I decided to give today a fresh look with these mint pants mixed
with a denim shirt and white shoes. 
That will be comfy enough to stay in and rest a little.

Denim shirt : Camaïeu
Mint pants: Zara
Shoes : Ted Lapidus
Bag : Santa Fé Gérard Darel
Bracelets : Local shops and Home-made
Necklace : Vintage

lundi 23 avril 2012

New in

I'm a total wreck today! I hadn't felt so bad for years...
I usually resist the bad winter germs but this time, they got the best of me ! I'm shivering, I have a slight fever but the worst thing is a bad sore throat.
Hopefully the kids are on holiday (Easter break for two weeks).
And they really gave me a good hand this morning.
They set the table, emptied the dish washer and filled it up.
And they're trying to play "quietly", which is a great effort for a team of three healthy children aged 8, 6 and 3...!

So unless you want to see me with my pyjamas on, I'd rather show you my latest ASOS purchase (mid season sales are always a good budget compromise). This will be a good way to cheer me up !

Bye just now, I'm going to have a Lemon tea with honey
to try to soothe the pain ! 

dimanche 22 avril 2012

Make up your Choice !

As you may know, it's an election day in France !
I'm just back from the polling station, hope for the best...

Today I was inspired by Zara's April Lookbook, without much of Zara's outfit though ! Just a tee-shirt I got last summer, quite in this Spring's neon tendency. And I had ripped these jeans last summer.
Very easy with a pumice stone that I rubbed against the material until the hole looks real (not just a snip with scissors).

Have a nice Sunday !

White jacket : Camaïeu
Tee-shirt : Zara
Jeans : Camaïeu + home-made ripping
Heels : Naf-Naf

samedi 21 avril 2012

Week End ?

Hurray ! It's the week-end !
A time to rest, a time for window shopping, trying
 new recipes, .... stop !
Why did the phone ring yesterday to invite us to a birthday, this Saturday right in the middle of the afternoon...
Can't do anything before, too short to do anything after.
Hurray, another spoilt week-end, grrrr!

I hate birthdays.
Why do people feel obliged to celebrate openly something which should be kept private.
Well you won't hear me announcing my birthday anytime.
Can't stand being seated in front of a piece of cake, having to listen 
to the in-laws telling the same story for the umpteenth time !

That was my bad mood word of the day!
Hope your week-end will be better !
Bye just now !

Parka : New Look
Tee-shirt : Camaïeu
Panther slim pants : Promod
Shoes : ASOS

vendredi 20 avril 2012

I don't care what the weather man says...

How could I resist this fresh and springy flower print tendency !
And did you notice that there is a flower pattern for every season,
 according to the Spanish God of Woman's Wear... 
Now, ok, this will be the last one I indulge with. Swear !!
Even if the sun is not showing up this morning above my head, the sky is clearing. So I'm calling for spring to come back with this light colour look.
Let's hope this will be a good day.
As we say in my region:
Let's have in our Heart the Sun that does not shine above our Head.

Jacket : Camaïeu
Flower shirt : Zara
Slim pants : Camaïeu
Boots : Cache-Cache
Bag : Gérard Darel Santa Fé

jeudi 19 avril 2012

Casual and Sporty

Rain, Rain, Go away !
Come again another day ! 

It seems that the few days of bad weather are starting to have an influence on the way I wanted to dress up this morning. It does not mean to be careless but no fuss at the same time.
I found these trousers at Zara (again!) and they are very comfortable.
As long as it is rocked with a jacket, a nice top and boots,
it's gonna make it !

Feel free to leave me a message, I'll be glad to answer !

Jacket : Promod
Tee-shirt : Camaïeu
Trousers : Zara
Boots : Asos Aggie
Bag : Rocco Alexander Wang
Skull ring: Asos
Necklace : Zara
Bracelets: Ebay and Home-made

mercredi 18 avril 2012

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

I can't make up my mind !
Or is it that there aren't enough days to wear all the different
 combo I planned ?
I know I won't have the patience to wait.
So here are my choices for these trousers !
It's probably because these jeans from Zara provide the perfect cut
 (high waist, good length and this additionnal ripped twist !).

Which do you prefer ?

N° one : Jacket : Promod
Tee-shirt : Cache-Cache
Ripped Jeans : Zara
Purple heels : Pimkie

N° two : Trench coat : Cache-Cache
Bag : Vintage

N° three : Home-made knit : Isabel Marant inspired

mardi 17 avril 2012


There are days when the priority of a six-year-old boy
is to have a hug and a story read by his Mum, 
comfortably seated in the settee, wrapped up in a warm tartan rug ...
No school for him today, he feels so unwell.

Leather jacket : Zara
Shirt : H&M
Scarf : Alexander Mc Queen
Slim pants : Pimkie
Ballerina flats : Camaïeu