lundi 29 juillet 2013

One Day in White ...

This is what I was wearing yesterday for a quiet Sunday.
An almost all white outfit for another warm day with 30°C ...

I'm wearing :
Ray Ban mirror sunnies
 Vintage knitted top
Zara skort
Sam Edelman heels
Gérard Darel calf leather bag

samedi 27 juillet 2013

M in Yellow


Sometimes it's good to add some colour to one's wardrobe,
just a wee bit though ...
And my Birkenstocks are really my best friends this summer !

I'm wearing :
Mango "M" tee-shirt
Isabel Marant Skirt
Birkenstock Arizona sandals
Gérard Darel white bag 

jeudi 25 juillet 2013

When It's Warm ...

Today was 30°C.
My mulberry silk shirt feels so light and is perfect for such a day.
And there's nothing like an evening walk to enjoy
and cool down from a warm day.
As you can see too, my Dickers in black are having their first time out.
Perfect shoes !

I'm wearing :
Ray Ban mirror sunnies
Zara Mulberry silk shirt
Promod shorts
Mango zebra belt
Isabel Marant Dickers in black

mardi 23 juillet 2013


I know, I'm greedy ...

Two pairs of shoes at the same time is a bit too much.
But there are times when it's wiser to prepare Autumn
a long time before with wardrobe essentials.
And this is one of these years.

That's what I did with my Dickers and Bekett in black.

dimanche 21 juillet 2013

Ruched Leopard Skirt

Bees are having such a yummy time with lavander these days !

This is the skirt I got from Gestuz.
It sizes quite small, so that's a good excuse to lose some weight
and make more exercise during the holidays !!

I'm wearing :
H&M sweater
Gestuz leopard skirt
Birkenstock Arizona sandals

vendredi 19 juillet 2013

Willows and Ruffles

This is what I wore yesterday.
Perfect for a very warm day !

I'm wearing :
Camaieu jacket
Zara ruffle dress
Isabel Marant Willow sneakers

mercredi 17 juillet 2013

Bel Argus

Pants floating in the air,
toes feeling free and comfy,
nailpolish flashing in the sun :
This is summer !

I'm wearing :
Chanel Bel Argus 667 nailpolish
Camaieu top
Zara wide pants
Birkenstock Arizona sandals
Gérard Darel Santa Fé leather bag

lundi 15 juillet 2013

Warm Days


This has been a gorgeous day again !
And I'm enjoying this lovely summer time and weather
with light colours to catch the sun.

I'm wearing :
Camaieu light pink shirt
Zara skort
Nelly open toes
Gérard Darel Santa Fé leather bag

vendredi 12 juillet 2013


Warm temperatures have arrived at last and seem to be lasting !
I'm enjoying this heat wave in the hamac, with my comfy Birkenstocks
and my Freedom tee is the perfect matching !

I'm wearing :
Isabel Marant Freedom tee-shirt
Promod skirt
Birkenstock Arizona