vendredi 31 août 2012

Aztec Skirt

As soon as I saw this skirt in store earlier this summer, I thought : Hum, I've go to get it !
I didn't know yet how to style it, I rather saw it for a fall look, but it has gradually made its way into my end-of-summer essentials.
Hey ! I could even pair this skirt with my Bostons !
What do you think ?

Camaïeu denim shirt
Zara Aztec print skirt
Texto open toes

jeudi 30 août 2012


What's in the Box ? A flight ticket for Boston? Nay !!!

Description : Black python-effect hidden wedge sneakers of the Bobby and Betty family.
Characteristic : super comfortable and most coveted shoes.

Personal comment : Glad I ordered them last week (very few sizes left on NAP) and one size up my usual size so that my wee toes don't feel squeezed.
 Only small negative point : strong glue smell when I opened the box ... hope this will gradually disappear ! Probably due to the place they were made (PRC).
For instance, my Willows still smell of leather as from the beginning
(made in Portugal, Vive l'Europe !!!)

Conclusion : Hope you could get yours too !

Zara flower shirt (old)
Vintage leather skirt
Isabel Marant Boston sneakers


mercredi 29 août 2012


Fields have been harvested for a few weeks now and most of them had their bales of straw removed to the farms. So that was me yesterday driving in the countryside
to find the last field and perfect spot !
Windy, but we made it !
Did you notice that many bloggers have plunged into the camo jacket trend
 (you know, the one with diamonds around the shoulders...).
Well, I have decided to place my coins elsewhere... so I'm wearing again this winter's khaki shirt.
And that's perfectly doing the job for me !

Zara Shirt
Tee-shirt via Spreadshirt
Home-made skirt after Acne Fine distressed skirt
Sam Edelmann heels

mardi 28 août 2012

Champ de Maïs

Coucou ! Hiding in the field of Corn (or Maize). Peek-a-boo !
Ok, I've already worn this Navajo skirt in two classical ways (here and here).
I thought it was time to bring in some fantasy !
And I quite like it this way !
What do you think ?

Pimkie Minnie tee-shirt
Isabel Marant navajo skirt
Camaïeu boots
Gérard Darel Santa Fé leather bag

lundi 27 août 2012

Lundi 27 Août

This is what I wore on Saturday.
A warm comfy knit to bear slowly decreasing temperatures and the return of rain...

Wishing you all a happy Monday !

Altuzarra yellow cotton knit
Vila leather shorts via ASOS
Zara heels

dimanche 26 août 2012

Leopard Leopard

Still enjoying the week-end on a positive sunny note !
Bon Dimanche !

Asos top (old)
Home-made leopard skirt
Topshop Ashley lace front sandals (also worn here)

samedi 25 août 2012

Rue Jacob

Image via Pure People

Image via GQ Magazine

Monsieur Dreyfuss et Madame
or Madame Marant et Monsieur
28 juin 2012

Or the Jackpot Family !!
Whatever the way you call them, they are probably the favourite couple of French fashion.

I was so late in reading my weekly fashion magazine before leaving on holidays for the south of France that I missed this picture about Jérôme Dreyfuss and Isabel Marant, for the Opening of his Paris Boutiques, rue Jacob in Paris. As I found them too on two websites, here they are, plus a few pictures if you want to visit the sites.

vendredi 24 août 2012

Encore et Encore

I'm helping you revise some French... so little, but it can always help !
Now that the heat wave is over I'm happy to wear my wedge sneakers, again and again.
Nothing compares to their comfort and versatility.
I'm almost regretting I got my Topshop look-alikes in black...
Or is it that I'm brooding over another IM pair... they'd be sisters...
To be continued !

Pimkie mesh tee (also worn here)
Topshop shorts
Isabel Marant Willow sneakers

jeudi 23 août 2012



Yesterday we went to the Cinema, it was a major first for my wee ones.
We saw Brave,  "Rebelle" in French.
 Some scenes with the Big Bear were a bit frightening.
But they really enjoyed the whole movie !
Next time I'll go to the cinema with my husband to catch up with
The Dark Knight Rises and follow grown ups' conversations...

If I did a colour to my hair, I could almost look like Merida, no ?
Come on, don't tell me it didn't cross your mind ...!!!

Camaïeu dress
Isabel Marant Willow sneakers
Gérard Darel Santa Fé bag