dimanche 8 juillet 2012

Navajo Belt & Sacha Studded Boots

To make a long story short...
Two months ago I went to Lille (where there is a Sacha shop) and saw these Chloé Susan or Susanna look-alike boots... but they no longer had my size ! As I was going out of the shop, with my disappointment in my shopping bag, I saw this invitation : "Visit Sacha.fr" on the Shop window. I was in such a hurry to come back home ! But the thing was that the .fr web address was relinked to the Dutch site : "Deliveries only to the Netherlands and Belgium".
This didn't stop me: my husband works in Belgium...
I placed my order, checked that the delivery address was the plant where my husband works.
And waited, and waited and waited...
After 10 days I sent an email asking if my order had been registered or had been sent. No answer. Second mail, third mail.
Arrrggghhh !!! What 's going on ?
After 3 weeks, I got a phone call in English from a girl working for the Sacha brand in the Netherlands telling me that my shoes were...somewhere in the north of France.?? §§ !!  
She also told me that my email address was not working. So I gave her another address from which I also wrote my home address and again my husband's work address. She told me she was going to do all the necessary steps with the Post Office. And after ten days I got an email from my husband saying he had tried on beautiful studded booties !!!
Yeah ! At last !!  
So that was the end of a ... long story.
 Sometimes ordering on the Web holds surprises in store !

Zara cut-out tee-shirt + additionnal cuts at the front (couldn't help it !)
Pimkie shorts
ASOS belt
Home-made bracelets
Sacha studded boots

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  1. love your outfit.. sounds like a nightmare but the boots were so worth the wait! love your bracelets and belt too.. so pretty!

  2. Love your look!

    New Post!


    Irene :)

  3. That's such a cool top sweetie! Love how you styled it! You look great! :)