jeudi 30 janvier 2014

Hope Grand Sweater

S'il y avait bien une pièce importante à posséder dans mon dressing,
c'était bien LUI !
Le Grand Pull de chez Hope !
Il me faisait de l'oeil depuis plusieurs saisons
et cet hiver, j'ai sauté le pas.
A moi les journées fraîches blottie dans la maille chaude de ce pull doudou !
Et pour celles qui ne craignent pas le look oversize,
il faut savoir que la "bête" taille plutôt grand.
Je porte la version Small ... c'est pour vous dire !


If there was ONE staple piece I had been eyeing on,
it was definitely the Grand Sweater by Hope.
I've been longing to have it in my wardrobe for several years
so this Winter was the ideal moment
 to welcome this warm and comfy beauty home !
It actually looks nicer with a loose effect.
But still you should bear in mind that it doesn't size for Petites.
I'm wearing an Small-size sweater ...

I'm wearing :
Hope Grand Sweater (here)
Faux leather skinnies
ACNE Pistol boots
Pretty Wire leather pouch


mardi 28 janvier 2014

En Travaux ...

A toutes celles qui posent dans des lieux idylliques,
propres et ensoleillés,
je répondrai qu'il ne faut pas toujours cacher la réalité !
Ok, j'aurai un beau salon, une belle cuisine équipée ...
un jour, bientôt ...
En attendant, c'est le gros boxon à la maison !
Tout n'est que poussière qui n'en fini pas de retomber
et outillage divers et varié !
Mais ça avance !

Je porte :
Manteau Diego Isabel Marant
Veste Zara
Pull Camaieu
Jeans Mango
Sneakers Bobby Isabel Marant


What's the point of hiding the environment you live in
and find super cute spots to make believe
you live in a dream world.
My place is gonna be cute, comfortable and I'll have a modern kitchen.
Some day ...
And until then, we're into big renovation !!!

I'm wearing :
Isabel Marant Diego coat
Zara jacket (last year)
Camaieu knit
Mango ripped jeans
Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers in beige


lundi 27 janvier 2014

La Mouette

 A denim blue and orange combo this time,
Comfy boots to keep me warm, 
And a tribal touch with this bracelet.
I need a lot of colours to brighten Winter weeks !
What do you wear on Mondays ?

I was wearing :
Isabel Marant Diego coat
Camaieu knit and scarf
Isabel Marant Dresley shirt
Promod jeans + DIY patches of denim
Isabel Marant bracelet
Ugg boots
Alexander Wang Rocco bag

vendredi 24 janvier 2014

So Marantish !

Look at this little beauty I found for next to nothing !
The Mango new collection really drew my attention
 with this fresh and springy skirt.
But I couldn't wait until sunny days to wear it.
And for a perfect soft and comfy matching,
I also found this angora sweater reduced 50%.
I couldn't ask for more !!

I was wearing :
Camaieu biker suede jacket
Mango skirt
Isabel Marant Dicker boots
Gérard Darel Santa Fé bag

mercredi 22 janvier 2014

Bobby in Beige


Did I need these ones ?
Of course !!!
There's no escape to adding a new colour
 to my IM Bobby sneakers' collection...
Especially during Sales time !
And to give them a week-end twist, I paired them with a sequined skirt.
Eveything is fine in my Happy World !!

I'm wearing :
Zara leather jacket
Isabel Marant Ritchi jumper
Caroll sequined skirt
Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers in beige
Camaieu scarf
Home-made fur and chain purse 

lundi 20 janvier 2014



Hello !
It's a new morning,
it's a new Monday, a new week.
And I'm already tired ...
I'm longing for this week-end to have a good rest !
Or is it that week-ends are more tiring ?
More people to visit, more work to do in the house,
more activities to catch up with the children ...
Exhausting !
Or if I can't wait until this week-end, I'll have a nap this afternoon ...

I'm wearing :
Zara leather jacket
Pimkie Geek tee-shirt
Mango leather skirt
Isabel Marant Cleane boots
Zara leopard bag

vendredi 17 janvier 2014

17 JANVIER 2014


Here is again one of my favourite spots.
Unfortunately the Highland Cows were not grazing around ...
Today I chose a warm and chunky knit teamed with a comfy skirt.
It was a bit chilly this morning
but the sight is really worth the effort.
Hope you're planning funny outings for this week-end !

I'm wearing :
Isabel Marant Diego coat
Camaieu sweater
Isabel Marant bandana skirt
Isabel Marant Dicker boots

mercredi 15 janvier 2014

New Scarf

Here is part of my sales booty !
A scarf is always a good addition to a wardrobe.
And this one is particularly warm too.
Budget find !

I'm wearing :
Zara leather jacket
Pimkie lace top (in sales)
Camaieu skirt and scarf
ACNE Pistol boots
Home made fur and chain purse