mercredi 18 juillet 2012


My beloved summer photographer (aka Capucine, my daughter !) has taken a few days off at the countryside with her brother and wee sister. They're at my brother's who has a farm. It's more a farm with big tractors and greenhouses. But they can also enjoy watching the neighbour's horses. And there is another farmer with cows nearby in the village.
Fresh air and new surroundings will be guaranteed !

So that's me back on my own trying to take a few acceptable pictures... And as Aeolus, the God of Wind has decided to drive us nuts today, I just tried a new place in the house. Ready for a visit ?

By the way, if you have any tips to take good pictures on one's own, I'm open to any suggestion. The focus is always done at the back of field and when I jump in the way, I'm out of focus ! I popped in at the photographer's shop this afternoon and his answer was to buy a camera with a remote control. Pricy but efficient according to him !


Zara knit (sorry, sold out online) similar to the Zadig & Voltaire top worn by Erin Wasson
Vila leather shorts via ASOS (last year)
San Marina heels
Home-made bracelets

PS 1 : I don't think I squint... it's probably an effect from the close-up !

PS 2 : I really feel relieved for yesterday's post and the warm and positive feedbacks
I got from you all Girls ! Thanks a lot !!!


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