vendredi 18 mai 2012

Treat and Trick

I got myself a new jacket, but this time it's got denim sleeves....
you don't believe me ?
Well I'm sure you found out the trick !
The positive thing about a loose vest is that you can put it over any jacket and create the illusion of a new piece in your wardrobe.
And yesterday it was not warm enough (for me) to go sleeveless...
I could have also called this post 'Colourful Skulls' thanks to this
fresh tee shirt that caught my eye at ... Zara !

Thanks Camille for the inspiration

Military vest : Zara
Denim jacket : Camaïeu
Tee-shirt : Zara
Light blue jeans : Zara
Boots : ASOS Aggie
Bracelets and Earrings : Home-made

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