mardi 22 mai 2012

It's freezin' today

Enough !!!
Brrr... these cold temperatures and grey sky are driving me nuts!
Brrrr.... I need light therapy!
Brrr.... I need flowers and colourful clothes to forget that this spring has been a total wreck so far !
I'm talking about the weather again... sounds like my mother-in-law
 (oups, sorry).

Cheating again with this vest over a flower blazer, as I did last week.

Layering inspired by Camille and Soraya.

ASOS flower blazer
Old faux-leather jacket transformed into a vest
Zara Tee-shirt with flocking (here)
Camaïeu distressed white pants
Local shop Suede boots
Home-made earring made with Swarovski butterfly

3 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! nice blog :)

  2. Great layering for the weather, I like the distressed jeans!
    - Aliya :)

  3. to answer the question - my jeans are waxed :) following now :)