vendredi 11 mai 2012

Hint of Mint

Do you also have a touch of mint in your closet ?
I already had these mint slim jeans and I paired them with a new tee-shirt.
Add a touch of denim and leopard, and there you go,
ready for a fresh springy look !

Why not try again a bit of leopard in my following outfit ?
See more of that later next week ...

Denim vest : Camaïeu + DIY studs
Tee-shirt : Camaïeu
Slim pants : Zara
Leopard court shoes : Ebay UK

PS : To my visitors from Russia, France, Belgium, United-States, UK, Germany,
Greece, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Canada or the Netherlands ...
Don't be indifferent ! Blogging is sharing !
Not only peeking through somebody 's window.
I know I'm not a leader in fashion trends. I'm not chasing for Members to follow me.
If you come regularly and if you like my daily posts,
 I'd really appreciate your encouragements or just a friendly "Hello".
Thanks for Reading !

4 commentaires:

  1. Love the leo heels!
    Please check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine :)

  2. very cute look ... love it x check out my blog too

  3. great outfit!!
    follow you!if you want check out my blog!

  4. Thanks a lot Girls. I appreciate your comments !
    xx Françoise.