samedi 12 mai 2012

Can't get it ? Print it !

Have you noticed how fast these number Tee-shirts by Isabel Marant
have disappeared from stores or on-line site ? It pieces again !
Unless you live in a capital city or if you have secret links with the Fashion world or if you have a huge purse ... (sorry to talk about money !), it's almost impossible to get one and feel one of IM's girls !

I also want to have my piece of heaven !

After searching high and low on official on-line stores and second hand sites, I thought I could use my creative imagination. If you've been following me, you probably noticed that I like DIY items. But this time I was stuck by a lack of equipment... The idea being that I could have a similar Tee printed.
Last week I eventually found a Website which had the ideal type
of tee-shirts and the good logo !
It was very quick to create and in less than a week I received
my two tee-shirts !

What do you think ?

Do you also feel like creating your own tee ?  :

2 commentaires:

  1. i must admit i´m kinda over the number shirt already, everybody has it, you see it everywhere...i have worn my zara number shirt only once and i´m ready for selling it on ebay ;(

    but i´m so impressed, the shirts look too good to be true! a wonderful idea!
    xx doro and happy mother´s day tomorrow (do you also celebrate mother´s day tomorrow in france???)!

  2. Hello and Thanks !
    Mother's Day will be June 3rd in France, I'll to wait till then !
    But Happy Mother's Day to you if so in Germany !
    xx Françoise.