jeudi 26 avril 2012

Wild West

Now that I'm (almost) recovered from
this "flu-sorethroat-tiredness" episode - see earlier this week - , the weather is still not ready to improve.
Sun, rain, wind and this two or three times a day...
My kids are beginning to behave like lions in a cage!
 But as holidays are also a good way to do something they can't do while at school, my son has developed a special liking for Western films. And we're having many of them programmed in the afternoon on TV.
I know it's having them sitting in front of TV, but when the film is finished they transpose what they just saw into their Playmobil world and that's a very good thing. They can play again for hours !

All this to say that when my son saw me this morning, he said that I looked as if I was going to play in a Western film...
From a 6-year-old boy, I'll take this as a compliment !!!

Leather jacket : Zara
Checked shirt : Camaïeu
Tee-shirt : Camaïeu
Slim pants : Camaïeu
Belt : Pimkie
Boots : Camaïeu
Bag : Rocco Alexander Wang
Bracelets : Home-made, Asos and Ebay

2 commentaires:

  1. Nice casual look! I love the colors and the skull bracelets!
    - Aliya :)