samedi 21 avril 2012

Week End ?

Hurray ! It's the week-end !
A time to rest, a time for window shopping, trying
 new recipes, .... stop !
Why did the phone ring yesterday to invite us to a birthday, this Saturday right in the middle of the afternoon...
Can't do anything before, too short to do anything after.
Hurray, another spoilt week-end, grrrr!

I hate birthdays.
Why do people feel obliged to celebrate openly something which should be kept private.
Well you won't hear me announcing my birthday anytime.
Can't stand being seated in front of a piece of cake, having to listen 
to the in-laws telling the same story for the umpteenth time !

That was my bad mood word of the day!
Hope your week-end will be better !
Bye just now !

Parka : New Look
Tee-shirt : Camaïeu
Panther slim pants : Promod
Shoes : ASOS

3 commentaires:

  1. haha, i just came back from a holy first communion party and i cant move because i ate way too much cake. i hope you had a nice saturday even if there was a bithday party ;)
    xx doro

  2. great look honey, your shoes are amazing!!
    nice to meet your blog!


    1. Thank you fo visiting ! You're welcome anytime!
      Feliz Domingo !