samedi 28 avril 2012

Black and Grey

Today I mixed two basic colours, black and grey, with different materials: shiny polyester (sorry, not very romantic...),
cotton and leather.

Since my local H&M will probably not have the Fashion against AIDS items, I had a look in my treasure box and found extra colour skulls which I mixed with small pearls. And this bracelet already had its effect this morning. My daughter was eyeing upon it, but soon decided she was too young to wear skulls. Good for me !!

I also took a close-up shot because after a little more than a month blogging I'm ready to unveil. When you're still in your 20's or 30's, your skin begins to change. But it does not matter, you're still in a young age group (according to the media). But when you reach your 40's, then people definitely push you on the other side of the gate. The girl at the Beauty Shop will give you anti-wrinkle cream samples... As for me, I've never felt better in my mind. As I told you in my first post, if I don't dare now, I'll never make anything !

Grey blazer : Zara
Tee-shirt : Marc Jacobs "Protect the skin you're in - Heidi Klum"
Leather short : ASOS
Heels : New Look
Bracelets : Home-made
Earrings : Home-made
Ring : H&M

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  1. great look honey, nice nice combination!
    and thanks for your comment, I'm so happy you follow my blog, but you dont appear between my followers yet :(

    have a nice day!