vendredi 27 avril 2012

Hunting for the Military Parka

You probably recognize this military parka from Zara.
Well last summer/autumn I realised (much too late) that it would be
 a nice piece in my closet.
Especially for a birthday treat...
I checked as often as I could the website, hoping to see one day
that it would be back online. No chance !
So I decided to check personnaly all the Zaras available around my place (potentially 6 within 50 km).
But my hunt proved hopeless. And my cherished present
 became a dream.
Until I noticed that Zara also had at that time a "plain" parka. So that was me again on the road, hoping to find the aforesaid parka in store in my size. Bingo !
I was almost happy with my find until I remembered I had a faux leather jacket in my wardrobe... I was not too sentimental about it, and I decided to unpick its sleeves and sew them in place
of the kaki ones. Penelope at work again !
This time I was really happy. It kept me warm all winter.
And the parka really has a Zara label on !

Military Parka : Zara + DIY sleeves
Pink jumper : Zara
Flower pants : Zara
Purple heels : Pimkie

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