vendredi 6 avril 2012

Another DIY Project - Studded Shorts

When I first saw this type of shorts this winter on a blog (can't remember which one! ), I firstly thought that it was not for me... You're too old, Girl ! But I couldn't help thinking about it. And eventually I made searches, essentially on Ebay to find a studs seller. Found one in Asia ! Received them after a few weeks... In between it gave me time to buy a pair of shorts, not that easy in January. And I started making pattern trials on my pair of shorts. I came to this design which I wore once or twice with thick woollen tights. As expected, people in the street were giving me a strange look... Stuck my tongue to them, mentally I mean !!!
And this morning, I came across this post by style-encounters. That gave me the idea to improve the design on my shorts. It shouldn't take me too long... I'll show you the result in a few days, probably after Easter.

Do you also have DIY plans ?

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