dimanche 2 septembre 2012

Day Trip to Mons

We went to Belgium yesterday, to meet my husband who was working in the morning,
 and we spent the afternoon in Mons.
I had already been there twice but in automn and winter.
I must say that yesterday was perfect to enjoy Belgium and Mons in the sun !

We visited the Sainte Waudru Collegiate Church, where the relic of the saint patron of the town are kept in a golden shrine. Each year the day before the Trinity Sunday (beginning of June), the relics are taken around the city in a Golden Charriot. At the end of its course, the procession joins the collegiate church. At this moment, the inhabitants of Mons will show their fervour, enthousiasm and affection to the very old tradition. The Golden Charriot must go up, without stopping and at a gallop, a steep street of pavement. If it doesn't, the city will be strucked by a disaster during the next year...

In front of the Town Hall, touching the little Monkey's head,
with the left hand to wish us good luck !

The Town Hall

 Back on the Grand Place

End of trip, back to France !

I like the people's spirit and cool attitude.
And most of all they're very friendly, open hearted (at least the ones I met ! )
 and more polite than in France ...
A good reason to go back again to Belgium !

I was wearing : New Look parka
Zara tee shirt
Zara Aztec skirt
Zara heels
Alexander Wang Rocco bag

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