mercredi 26 septembre 2012

Coup de Gueule ...

I've already postponed the content of this post.
But things have been growing inside of me so i'll let them out.
I don't want you to feel you're the target of my bad mood.
Just take it as a general "blogosphere reflection"...

Have you ever noticed that some bloggers only come to your blog
if you comment on theirs ?
Primary school childish behaviour : 
" I'll only be your "friend" if you come and... lick my boots. "
Or flood your posts with brainless "Soo Cuuteeee" comments !

Flatteries, bows and hypocritical comments...

Back to a more classical look, not as flashy as yesterday.
If some of you visit me regularly, you may have noticed that, financially wise, I prefer to go for second hand designer clothes (and spare for inevitable current collection crushes ! ).
Of course I won't get the "OMG, you look amazing, darling !"
But most probably "Seen that..." thoughts. 
(Conscientious bloggers never type their real feelings. They avoid commenting...)

End of bad temper parenthesis.
And a BIG THANKS to the Faithful Regular Visitors !!!
Have a nice day !

Isabel Marant top
Camaïeu skirt
Isabel Marant Boston sneakers
Creeks denim jacket
Chanel Rose Insolent nail colour
Guess watch

7 commentaires:

  1. Very nice ensemble, plus heels will be perrrrrrfect!!!

  2. You have the best collection of sneakers;)

  3. Love this look,especially that gorgeous top! xx Kayin

  4. Nice blog! I really like your style! :)

    I'd be really happy if you visited my blog at and followed it - I'll follow you back of course. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

    BR, Minna


  5. Love the sneakers.

  6. The one thing I love about that top is that it's totally a piece that can be dressed up or down and I'm loving the skirt/sneakers combo. Great look!


    The Habit