jeudi 20 septembre 2012

Autumn Colours

Ok, I can hear you thinking behind your screen :
"umm, this draped effect can only be worn by a model
with an irreproachable silhouette ..."

So what !
If I had to care about "what people say"...
We'll talk about it if you have my silhouette 
when you're my age and after 3 kids !

Meanwhile I'm adapting to Autumn colours and cooler temperatures.
I'm impatient to see the colour of leaves changing.
Autumn is my season !

Naf Naf leather jacket
ASOS draped dress
Isabel Marant Boston sneakers
Gérard Darel Santa Fé leather bag

5 commentaires:

  1. Ha ha! So true about the kids thing, I think you look hot hot hot! I love your outfit honey


  2. coolest sneakers ever!!

  3. No not at all, I was thinking that this silhouette really flatters you...
    - Aliya :)

  4. very nice your shoes