mercredi 29 août 2012


Fields have been harvested for a few weeks now and most of them had their bales of straw removed to the farms. So that was me yesterday driving in the countryside
to find the last field and perfect spot !
Windy, but we made it !
Did you notice that many bloggers have plunged into the camo jacket trend
 (you know, the one with diamonds around the shoulders...).
Well, I have decided to place my coins elsewhere... so I'm wearing again this winter's khaki shirt.
And that's perfectly doing the job for me !

Zara Shirt
Tee-shirt via Spreadshirt
Home-made skirt after Acne Fine distressed skirt
Sam Edelmann heels

6 commentaires:

  1. I like your shirt better than the camo jacket with the diamonds! Great pictures, looks like a lovely drive through the country side! xx Kayin

    1. Thanks Kayin ! I prefer your supporting words 100 times to the 'You look great' and 'Nice blog' comments... Thanks again for being there !
      xx Françoise

  2. nice jacket

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  3. Amazing photos, you look great!
    check out my blog & we could follow each other..

  4. Amazing denim skirt,honey!They're coming back,so I gotta get me one;)

  5. I have these Sam Edelman Yelena heels and I live in them! They are amazing!