vendredi 17 août 2012

By the Post Office

Wouh !! It's warm again and 20 departments in the south of France are under heat wave alert, mostly to avoid dehydration amongst elderly people and children.
This is not yet the case up here in the North of France but the 31° C we got this afternoon were very close to the summer holiday feeling we got last week,
without the kss kss kss of cicadas though...
This was the occasion for a walk and ride to tire off my team ...

I found yesterday this O.P.I nail lacquer called "Kyoto Pearl". I would have prefered a matt effect but the white look of it is quite nice. Perfect for a black and white contrast !

Asos sunnies
Camaïeu tee shirt
Vila Leather shorts
Ebay sneakers
Gérard Darel Santa Fé bag
Home-made bracelets
Fancy watch ring bought in Les Baux de Provence

3 commentaires:

  1. aaaaah, the ksss, ksss, ksss!!!! i miss it so looking hot sweetie! xx
    ps. we had 40 ° today in cologne, feels like biarritz (but without the wind and the ocean though)

  2. I think we're hitting 30s this weekend but the entire summer has been a hit and miss :( I like how you pair your beige wedge sneakers with leather shorts. I'm really liking leather shorts more and more. They're definitely more versatile than the denim cutoffs which can appear far too casual sometimes.

  3. fantastic shorts and shoes! xx