jeudi 16 août 2012

Back Home

It feels so good to wear heels and big heavy shoes again (unadapted to Provencal weather anyway). And you probably won't believe me but I've never had such a tan !!! Not gingerbread tan, I'll never reach that hue. I've always been allergic with strong rash and itching from being sunstroke when I was young. But this year with a safer cream protection, everything seemed easier and I gradually took some colours. Hurray !
So that's me with a casual outfit on our way to the supermarket
to fill the fridge and for leisure shopping !
As soon as we were home, my son ran to the garage to have a go on his bike and came back to us saying that "it suddenly shrank to a smaller size" ...
Kids have fantastic remarks !!   (or was it him that had gradually grown bigger but he did not realise that his bike was getting too small...).
So that was us at Décathlon to check the bike selection !

Home-transformed dungaree skirt
Pimkie tank tee
Topshop sneakers
Gérard Darel bag
Ebay coral necklace

2 commentaires:

  1. Looove those denim overalls,I'm in a hunt for similar,too!;)