mercredi 16 janvier 2013


The Winter Fairies have decided to grant us
with a few centimeters of snow.
For the pleasure of our eyes and the lovely feeling of walking
 on a crispy and immaculate carpet.

I'm wearing :
Camaieu black fur
Caroll wool dress
Home-made necklace
Sacha Biker boots
Lancel Premier Flirt Croco bag

4 commentaires:

  1. I literally gasped when I saw the first and last photos. Serene, scenic and beautiful. You're a brave woman to go out in the snow in a dress! I must say, the color is really flattering on you. Oh I love your fur coat. I bought a faux fur gilet from Zara kids (I know!!) and it was awful. So I'm still searching for something similar along with a faux fur coat.

    1. Coming from a Photography expert, this is a compliment!
      Thank you Marlene ! I must say that my new Canon is working wonders !
      ASOS and Mango seem to have nice fancy fur coats !

  2. Love,loooove!Have a great weekend,babe!