lundi 26 novembre 2012

White Betty

I'm addicted to Sneakers !
I tried to resist these Betty, they were on my wish list for a few months.
But when I noticed that some sizes gradually disappeared out of the stocks ...
And waiting for the Sales to grab them at a friendly price is pure dream.
So here they are part of my IM shoes family !

And it was one of those windy days once again !
While I was looking for a nice spot for pics, my wanderings took me in the fields...
Not the cleanest time of year to walk about with white shoes ...

Poor Bettys !
That was not the ideal place for a first time out !

I'm wearing :
Camaieu shearling jacket
Mango cable knit
River Island jeans
Isabel Marant Betty sneakers

Time to run away !

5 commentaires:

  1. I like the print and pattern combo with the pop of color, cool outfit..

  2. Ah, those lovely sneakers! Can't get them out of my head!;)

  3. Isabel Marant sneakers seem ti be the key to succesful outfits!!


  4. Congrats with your white Bettys! They are gorgeous! Also loving your jacket, it looks so cozy!

  5. I really think that you have an awesome collection of jackets! :-)