jeudi 15 novembre 2012

Black Cat

There's a Black Cat in the house this week !
After the central heating broke down on Sunday, Mon Chéri's car electrical parking brake jammed on Monday evening. He had to phone a taxi to come back home.
So he took my car to go to work and yesterday evening, the battery ran flat...
Tonight, a fuse wire blew and we stayed in the dark until I could use again my phone (low battery too ...) to call Mon Chéri so he could tell me where the spare fuse box is hidden !
Next please, I'm ready for anything now !

Ah, I forgot about this morning's fine in the letter box: overspeeding 5 km above the speed limit, GGRRRRR !

Wearing bright colours is ideal to enliven these funny November days...

I'm wearing :
Isabel Marant Diego oversized coat
Camaieu knit
Zara pink pants
Isabel Marant Boston sneakers
Zara leopard clutch

10 commentaires:

  1. Ah! Love that pop of colour! And those sneakers are so cool, can't get enough of them;)

  2. Oh wow it's been a very eventful week for you indeed. Those hot pink pants are so fun and I agree that they totally lighten up even the darkest of days. Love the coat!


  3. I loove the clutch !!

    XX Selma

  4. Oh my,this is amazing honey!!;-)

  5. Lovely outfit. I really like the jacket :-)

  6. great outfit!!! Your blog is amazing!!
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  7. Wow, this is a great outfit! Love the pink pants, really eye-catching! :D
    I'm following you now. :D If you want, you can find me on:
    Lots of love! <3

  8. aaaaaaa im in love with your coat :)!

  9. a cat lady indeed - very feminine!

    loved the colours!!