mardi 12 juin 2012


On Saturday, I was showing you an outfit made of same-same pieces.
It was either the work of witty highstreet brands
or my own sewing skills for the Acne denim look-alike skirt.

Today it is the Real Mc Coy !
Sometimes life is made of chance for those who can wait.
I have the feeling that this very comfortable cotton knit will be my friend for this coming summer since no weather improvements are announced so far ...

Isabel Marant Ritchi knit
River Island leopard jeans
ASOS Aggie boots

3 commentaires:

  1. I've always loved that knit! The colors are so incredibly pretty. I really like how you paired it with those jeans! Nice look sweetie!


  2. There are times when I wish I hadn't gotten rid of my Ritchi and this is one of them. It's exactly how I'd wear the jumper too.