mardi 19 juin 2012


Or should I say "My" Okara skirt...
Once again I couldn't help playing with my needle and thread.
And during my husband's week in Japan I had plenty of time
 after the kids were in bed to work on this project.
                                     It roughly took me  a / an old skirt
                                                 b / an old pair of shorts
                            c / 10 hours preparing the ripped pieces and sewing them.

Isabel Marant Ritchi knit
Home-made IM Okara skirt
ASOS Aggie boots

The original Isabel Marant Okara skirt: picture taken from an online site
before it was sold out...

Preparing bits and pieces of material for
my DIY Okara Isabel Marant skirt according to printed picture.

8 commentaires:

  1. j'adore ta jupe, ainsi que ton pull
    superbe tenue

  2. Really love the skirt darling!!!


  3. What a brilliant idea! I envy those who are handy with a needle and thread. Just goes to show you don't have to spend tons of ££ to look good.

    1. That's indeed my message when doing DIY ! And my grand'mother and mother were knitting and sewing a lot, I also learnt from watching them when I was young !
      Thanks, Françoise.

  4. Such a great DIY!!!!
    - Aliya :)

  5. That turned out great babe! Nice job! You're really good at that stuff! :)