dimanche 12 janvier 2014

Because It's Sunday ...


I recently discovered a French girl's blog, Anaïk, who attracted my attention
when she presented the shawl she knitted.
There was not a minute to wait.
I hurried to my favourite DIY shop to buy the softest wool
and started this easy shawl knit.

Here is how you start :
Cast on three stitches on your needle and knit them in garter stitch.
Make an increase before knitting the last stitch.
You have now four stitches on your needle.
Knit the second raw and add a stitch before the last one.
That makes five stitches.
Go on like that until the end of your 200 gr wool yarn ...
You'll have a lovely shawl within six or eight weeks,
depending on how knit-aholic you become !!

As for me I've almost finished the beige shawl
 which I started mid November...
and I have already started a pink, a black, a white and a purple one !

Addiction !!

 The beige shawl is almost finished ...

... and a pink shawl is already on the needles ...

... followed by a black one ...


And I can't help visiting the wool aisle of my favourite DIY shop...
so this time I went for a purple and a white wool ! 

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