mercredi 18 décembre 2013

Drewitt Dress

I have often wondered if it is better to follow the majority
or if it is just as simple to go for clothes that suit you
 for their colour matching with your complexion.
Let me explain !
The IM Prewitt pattern with its leaves pattern
or the Drewitt version with flowers have quickly been sold out
due to interesting but basic colours such as black and blue.
But if you go for unusual colours such as a mix of black and light brown,
they are probably the ones that suit me best.
That's why I chose this one which happens to be just as versatile
thanks to a wide palette of matching colours.
I teamed it with black this time.
I'll show you later that natural beige is just as fantastic.
I'm wearing :
Isabel Marant Diego coat
Pimkie black knit
Isabel Marant Drewitt dress
Isabel Marant Dickers boots
Alexander Wang Rocco bag


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