dimanche 21 avril 2013

Sexy Pistol Boots

It was about time !
It seems I was living in a cave before blogging...
I'm now catching up with all the essentials I've been missing.
When we went to London in February I had not openly specified
places where I wanted to go to shopping. 
But there were secretly big places I couldn't miss.
Selfridges was one of them, and since I tried on the Acne Pistols, 
they've been tormenting my nights ever since...
I don't know if it's their perfect shape.
Or the extreme quality of their leather or the design details.
Anyway I tried to resist them, hopelessly !

ACNE Pistol Boots via Net-à-Porter

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6 commentaires:

  1. such gorgeous booties!

    XO Sahra

  2. i'm totally in love with your blog, where did you get these boots?

    1. Thanks a lot for your visit ! Come back any time you want !
      Got the boots on Net à Porter.

  3. Those boots are awesome! I might get similar ones by Giuseppe Zanotti, because I have heard that they are made better quality. :) xx

    Check out my latest article!