vendredi 22 février 2013

Jour de Marché

Everybody's on "Breton" tops at the moment.
I hate this name. Nobody in France calls them Breton.

I prefer calling them striped tees or "Marinière".
And I love the contrast with another ethnic pattern
and studded boots.

And after so many snowy days, it was time to have a nice walk
 at the Market on a lovely sunny day !
And enjoy the delicious products of local farmers.

I'm wearing :
Camaieu peacoat
Zara marinière top
Zara Aztec skirt
Sacha studded shoes
Lancel Premier Flirt Croco bag

2 commentaires:

  1. Love your mix of prints! xx

  2. There's nothing better than supporting locals and in turn getting fresh veggies, fruits, & flowers. I really like the mix of prints in your outfit with the studded booties, you look great!