mercredi 28 mars 2012

Meet my Willow Babies

Can't get enough of my Isabel Marant Willow sneakers.
They're so comfy and easy to pair with any outfit.

J'adore mes sneakers Willows d'Isabel Marant.
Elles sont trés comfortables et on ne sent presque pas
le petit talon intégré.

Baseball cap : Ebay
Sweater Pull bouclettes : Zara
Slim : Zara
Sneakers : Isabel Marant

2 commentaires:

  1. Yay! You have a blog! Congratulation on this decision ;) I saw that we do have a lot of clothes in common, the Willows, the Nowhere shoes, the yellow Zara sweater... can´t wait to read more, xx Doro

    1. Hurray! Thanks for your encouragements ! You're my first member and comment. I know i can't challenge young bloggers (I mean under 25 years...) who sometimes seem to blog for a living. That's not my point. I just want to share and have fun ! Vielen Dank ! Françoise